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(Malaga, Spain) After graduating in Journalism at his hometown’s university, David Velasco worked in prominent media and television roles, exercising Management and journalist roles, without ever losing his vocation as a writer. Between 2008 and 2014 he served as an editor, which allowed him to understand the world of books. He is the author of ‘The Neithel’s Manuscripts saga’, which boasts three books that have amassed huge success in his native country: Sabine Vashanka, the Sorceress (vol. I), The Kingdom of a Hundred Moons (vol. II) and The Revenge of the King without a Throne (vol. III).

David Velasco has also published a choose-your-own-adventure gamebook in 2012 titled Heroes of Urowen (Best seller in Spain), with which he took a new jump in his literary career. Not for nothing, to create this work the author used a great deal of experience after more than fifteen years as a tireless Dungeon Master, and a habitual consumer of console and computer games. The last piece that surprised readers was Krynea, the Ninth Rune, a spectacular novel based on the video game Krynea, which further consolidated his literary career as a great writer.

Now David Velasco returns with Anunnaki Files, much more than a novel or a gamebook.

In addition, he is a translator of English video games and apps, including An Assassin in Orlandes or The Forest of Doom by Tin Man Games.


Finally, as editor, David Velasco has published in Spain the gamebook The Legion Of Shadow (DestinyQuest) and he has also published writers like Kevin J. Anderson (Terra Incognita trilogy) or Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone (Fighting Fantasy gamebooks: Blood of the Zombies, House Of Hell, Howl of the Werewolf).


Heroes of Urowen: Gamebook


Heroes of Urowen: Gamebook











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