Heroes of Urowen: Gamebook

Cover Heroes of Urowen, Gamebook


*** Best seller in Spain *** Surprising, fast-paced and addictive, this gamebook written by David Velasco mixes the best of fantasy novels, videogames and role-playing games. Travel to a land full of magic and enemies, where each action will help you to improve your character sheet.

Fight to the death, bet your coins, participate in drinking contests, discover treasures, steal without stopping, improve your armor, get new and powerful weapons, learn spells, get drunk in a tavern or enjoy other pleasures with some prostitute. All this and much more is what you will find in the mythical Lands of Urowen, where the road to becoming a hero will be full of surprises. Create your character, choose your race and profession and live the adventure in a world full of dangers, where every action and every decision you make will mark your future.

‘Heroes of Urowen’ is a gamebook in the style of the classics ‘Choose your own adventure’ that triumphed in the 80s, but has a very dynamic and exciting game system, totally renovated and directed to an adult audience, with an elaborate sheet and rules that allow you to enjoy the pleasure of throwing dices, to improve your character and to use countless objects, such as weapons and armors, potions, talismans, coins to spend on vices, and a long etcetera. Not in vain, to create this work, the author has used a great experience acquired for more than 15 years as a tireless master of role, and a regular consumer of videogames.


Opinions published on Amazon.es
  • “Very addictive”
  • “The best gamebook I’ve read in my life”
  • “Pure role”
  • “A 10 for the writer”
  • “Excellent”
  • “A great gamebook. I hope the author continues to write them”
  • “If you like gamebooks, you have to have it”
  • “I encourage the author to write more gamebooks like this one”




Héroes del Acero en Gigamesh


Do you know that the gamebook ‘Heroes of Urowen’ was number one in sales in role playing games in the popular Gigamesh Bookstore (Spain)?

Do you know that David Velasco slipped into the TOP 20 of Gigamesh of the bestselling books of 2012?

And do you know that he was also the only Spanish writer in that classification, along with authors such as George R.R. Martin, Terry Pratchett or Brandon Sanderson?

This happened in 2012 and all this was thanks to ‘Heroes of Urowen’, now available in English.



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